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Probation Violation Lawyer | St. Charles Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been served with a summons to appear in court, or worse, a warrant for your arrest, for a violation of your probation, you need a probation violation attorney to help you keep your probation and stay out of jail.

Why? The State of Missouri has filed a “Motion to Revoke” your probation. This means the State thinks that you are not abiding by the terms of your probation and wants you to face consequences. Those consequences usually mean bad things for your criminal record and your freedom. The court will put you through a probation violation hearing where it will make decisions concerning both.

At a probation violation hearing, the Judge makes two separate determinations. First, the Judge will determine whether or not you did, in fact, violate the terms of your probation as alleged. If the Judge finds that you did violate the terms of your probation, he or she will then decide what they will do to punish you for that violation. The severity of the punishment you face depends on a lot of things, including the lawyer you hire to conduct the probation violation hearing for you.

People always want to know what the worst case scenario is when they go in front of a judge making a decision about their freedom. Well, the worst case scenario is jail. If you are on an SIS probation, the judge has the FULL range of punishment from which to choose when sentencing you after a probation violation. If you've already been sentenced and are on probation with a term of years backing you up (an SES, or “back up”), the judge can and probably will order you to serve that sentence.

If you are on probation and are facing revocation, please hire an attorney to help you with your probation violation hearing so that you can stay on probation and out of jail. Lucas Glaesman of the Glaesman Law Firm, LLC is a criminal defense attorney located in St. Charles with extensive experience representing people in probation violation hearings and getting their probation continued. Contact him today for a free consultation at 314-827-4384.