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Drug Crimes

We Defend People Charged with Drug Crimes

Drug crimes have serious consequences both in the criminal justice system and on your life. Convictions for drug offenses will land you in prison and severely hamper future employment opportunities. Most common drug offenses include some version of manufacturing, distributing, delivering or possessing a controlled substance. The law on what it means to “possess”, “manufacture”, “deliver” or “distribute” a controlled substance is not as straightforward as you might think. Often people are charged with drug crimes who, under the law, have done none of these things and are therefore not guilty.

Types of Drug Crimes

We have defended countless people charged with drug crimes across the state of Missouri. Drug crimes we defend include, but are not limited to:

The punishment you face if convicted of any of these drug crimes depends on the specific facts of your case. Whether you can be jailed, fined or placed on probation often depends on the amount, type and source of the drugs themselves. Where you are charged, your own criminal record and the role you are alleged to have played in the drug offense will also be considered by the Court when determining your sentence.

Since your exposure when charged with a drug crime depends on so many different variables, you will need an experienced drug crime attorney on your side to advise you. We help people charged with drug crimes defeat these cases every day.

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