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Online Traffic Form Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Store My Personal Information if I Fill Out This Form?

Your personal information will not be stored unless you fully complete this form, submit payment and become a client of the Glaesman Law Firm. If you complete the form but decide not to have us represent you, or you complete half of the form without submitting the form along with payment, no personal information will be stored or kept by the Glaesman Law Firm for any purposes.

What Will You Do With My Personal Information?

If you complete the form, make payment and retain our representation on these tickets, we will securely store your personal information only as necessary to represent you on these tickets and as required by the ethical rules of the Missouri State Bar Association.

What if I Don't Know All the Specific Details of My Tickets?

Sometimes traffic tickets can be confusing and messy - especially if there is an accident involved or you have multiple tickets from multiple courts. If that is case, you can submit as much information about your tickets as you know, make payment and we will verify everything and contact you if more information is needed.

What if the Information I Provide on the Form Doesn't Match My Exact Legal Situation?

Once you submit the form, we will pull your actual case information to verify that it substantially matches the information as submitted. If the actual circumstances surrounding the tickets does not match the actual ticket information, we will reach out to you to reconcile these differences. If additional payment by you is necessary, we will call to discuss that with you. If, after discussing the additional necessary fees you do not wish to proceed with our representation, we'll simply issue you a full refund for what you already paid - no questions asked. Likewise, if after review of the actual traffic tickets it looks like you have overpaid, we will immediately refund you the amount by which you have overpaid.

What Do I Get by Filling This Form and Hiring Your Firm to Represent Me on a Traffic Ticket?

Once this form is submitted and our representation of you is confirmed, we will represent you on these tickets in court. Generally, the goal with most traffic ticket violations is to keep your license valid and your driving record clean and prevent your insurance rates from skyrocketing. For more information, check out my blog post on what it really means to "fix" a traffic ticket.

Do I Have to Use This Form to Have You Represent Me on My Tickets?

No. You are more than welcome to hire us by calling us at (314) 310-7878 or by filling out the contact form to the right. This online traffic ticket form is here only for your convenience should you want to use it.

What Are the Next Steps After I Complete This Form and Submit Payment?

Once payment is submitted, we will send you an email with payment confirmation, an engagement letter and a copy of your fee agreement. We will review your actual traffic matters and file the necessary documents with the Court to fix your tickets. If anything is required of you in order to fix your tickets, we will email you a list of what needs to be done and how to do it. For example, if one of your tickets resulted in a traffic ticket for which you were at fault, we would need you to provide us with documentation that the damages were paid for by you or your insurance company so that we can provide that to the Court prior to your tickets being fixed.

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