Case Results

  • Amended to a Misdemeanor
    Burglary 2nd, Grand Theft Auto
    Client charged with stealing cars from a car dealership based on surveillance video and the location data from his cell phone. During testimony, the actual thief admitted that my client was not one of the car thieves depicted in the surveillance video.
  • Case Dismissed
    Drug Trafficking
    My client was found passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle. When police searched his vehicle, they found heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs. After cross-examination of the arresting officer, the Judge ruled the search was illegal and suppressed the drugs that were found leaving the prosecutor no choice but to dismiss the charges.
  • Amended to Careless Driving
    DUI, 2nd Offense

    My client, a member of the armed forces, was pulled over a 2:00 a.m. for failing to use her turn signal. The officer arrested her for DUI based solely on his observations and her refusal to take a breathalyzer. The prosecutor agreed to amend the charges based on the lack of evidence of intoxication.

  • Case Dismissed
    Possession of Child Pornography
    My client’s house was raided, and the family computer was seized by the FBI. Multiple images and videos of child pornography were found on the computer. Charges were dismissed when the credibility issues of one of the State’s key witnesses were exposed.