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Passing Bad Checks Lawyer | Brentwood Criminal Defense Attorney

Passing a bad check can happen to anyone. If you've had a change in address, change in bank, or if you have checks outstanding that, for whatever reason, haven't been cashed in a timely manner, a bad check charge could easily happen without any malicious intent on your part. People make mistakes with their checking accountant every day, and employers sometimes bounce payroll checks creating bad check and check fraud charges for their employees.

If you do bounce a check, never talk to a bank, commercial institution or officer without first seeking the legal advice from a bad check defense lawyer. These conversations could be used against you to proceed with a criminal case of passing bad checks or fraud.

A passing a bad check case can have serious consequences and are often charged as both misdemeanors and felonies. A check passed for under $500 on an existing account that bounces will be charged as a misdemeanor. However, if you write a check off of a closed bank account or in any amount over $500, it will be filled as Felony Passing Bad Checks.

The Glaesman Law Firm, LLC is experienced helping clients just like you who have found themselves in need of a defense lawyer due to a misunderstanding with their checking account. Even if you know you are guilty, you are entitled to a defense to keep this off your permanent record. Pleading guilty to a bad check charge can create problems for you when filling out rental, loan, academic and employment applications even if it is a misdemeanor!

If you have received notice of a bounced check or a case that has been filed against you in relation to a bad check, contact the Glaesman Law Firm, LLC today to discuss your options! The first consultation is always free.