Gun Crimes

In Missouri, owning and carrying a firearm is a right. However, it is a right easily taken away by the government. Even worse, when you own or carry a gun, the line between doing so lawfully and unlawfully can be extremely thin.It is this thin line that gets people who carry for a lawful reason, charged with a gun crime such as Armed Criminal Action, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Possession of a Defaced Firearm, Unlawful Sale of a Firearm, or Fraudulent Purchase of a Firearm. The penalties for these crimes are extremely severe and will lead to forfeiture of your gun ownership rights.

When you find yourself in that situation, you need a criminal defense attorney who understands the difference between lawful and unlawful possession, use, sale and purchase of firearms and other weapons.

If you are charged with a gun crime, contact me immediately so we can discuss your options.