Violent Crime

There are two sides to each story - let us tell yours. Defend yourself against those accusing you of violence and stay out of jail. 

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Gun Crimes

Prevent confusion over your gun ownership rights from resulting in criminal consequences.

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Drug Crimes

Penalties for drug crimes in Missouri can be extremely harsh. Limit your exposure to the serious, long-lasting effects a drug conviction can have on your life.

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Driving While Intoxicated

Challenging officer's testing and observations to avoid jail and loss of your driving privilege due to a DWI arrest.

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Theft Crimes

Do not allow yourself to land in jail or have your reputation ruined by someone accusing you of theft.

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Traffic Tickets

Prevent unnecessary points from being added to your license resulting in the loss of your driving privilege and increased insurance costs.

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Lucas represented my son, who was charged with a speeding ticket driving 70mph in a 30mph zone. There seemed to be little hope, but Lucas fought on my son’s behalf and kept my insurance rates from going up & my son received no points off his license. Very good outcome, and he was delightful to work with. Our cost was less than $200. I highly recommend his services.

Very Satisfied Client. Kim

I recently hired Mr. Glaesman to represent me in a legal matter. I found him to to be not only very knowledgeable and professional but, he treated me with respect and most certainly had my best interest in mind. I couldn’t have asked for better representation and would most certainly recommend Mr. Glaesman.

Highly Recommended. Randy

Lucas was recommended to me when I required legal advice with very short notice. He arranged a meeting at my convenience and had the right advice at the right time for me – saving me a lot of potential grief and expense. I highly recommend Lucas for legal issues!

There When I Needed Him. Steve

Upon approach he took my case with no payment just my word. Handled everything quickly with little to no effort by me. Not only we’re most all the charges taken care of but the points were reduced from 12 to 2 on my licence. If I ever need anything or someone I know he’s my first call.

Excellent Thomas

Lucas Glaesman worked very hard on my case he was very considerate and he did everything he could do for me. I would highly reccomend him to anyone. He was upfront and honest about everything. His prices are very reasonable and gave me a payment plan. He is an excellent lawyer. I respect him very much.

Great Lawyer to Have in Your Corner Jessica